Go Get It Launches New London Local Business Directory

Go Get It Launches New UK Business Directory With Emphasis On Video Content

Summary: Go Get It is a new local business directory, offering innovative listings that make use of engaging video content, helping SMEs compete in the modern online environment.

London, United Kingdom - Go Get It is a new business directory promising local businesses and SMEs a better way to engage their potential customer base online. The directory will help businesses upload and distribute engaging video content, which will include core details on the products and services provided by the company, together with their opening hours, location and modes of contact. The videos can even feature a friendly presenter who can promote the professional, personable values of each company.

The website is now open to take new listings for their SME's Business Directory, which puts the emphasis on localized content, helping individuals find the best businesses in their area to provide a wide range of services. Every listing on the directory will include a video summary, which takes into account the particulars of the listing, and aims to present it in the best possible light.

The videos will also be syndicated to sites like YouTube, to help businesses increase their click through rates and SEO functionality, driving traffic to their listings. Go Get It even has a customized Google search tool for use here on the search engine, with individuals able to search for gogetit# alongside key terms, to find locally matched results using their Google profile details.

The site aims to reinvent the local business directory model in the UK by updating it to meet the demands of modern audiences, and leverage the latest technologies made available by Google to connect with them.
A spokesperson for Go Get It explained, “We are changing the way businesses promote themselves online to fall in line with how an increasing segment of their audience is searching for, and finding, services. By helping to create high quality video content on behalf of those listing, we hope businesses will see the advantages for themselves and rush to be listed on the site. We look forward to helping them connect with new customers in new ways.”

About Go Get It: Go Get It is a new online resource center looking to reinvent the local business directory model in the UK. The website places its emphasis on video marketing, offering an immediate and engaging way to introduce products, services and personnel to customers. The directory will offer locally optimized listings that make it easier than ever for customers to find services near them, making it ideal for SMEs with a local focus. The site even has a custom Google command for in-search-engine results.

For more information please visit: http://go-getit.co.uk/

Contact Info:
Name: Frank Lucas
Organization: Go Get It
Address: Unit 105, 110 Windmill Road, Croydon, CR0 2XQ
Phone: +44 0208 665 4262

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